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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

IntheMoodIntimates.com $50.00 Gift Certificate Winner!

Congratulations to Eve H. of Georgia who was the first person to correctly answer the trivia question:

What was the name of the woman the main character made love to without knowing how to speak her language in the novel "Where is the Love?"

The correct answer is: Una.

Eve will receive a gift certificate for $50.00 to purchase the sexy apparel of her choosing at the website www.inthemoodintimates.com .

Thanks to everyone who participated.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Winners of a copy of Where is the Love!!

Thank you for subscribing to my newsletter. The winners of a copy of Where is the Love are:

Mary W. of Goldboro, NC
Sylvia H. of Detroit, MI
Jennifer R. of Painseville, OH
Eve H. of Mableton, GA
Angie L. of Shaker Heights, OH
Shai D. of Detroit, MI
Kim F. of Spartansburg, SC
Orlando M. of Marietta, GA
Michelle F. of Cleveland Heights, OH
Wanda H. of Detroit, MI

All books will be shipped no later than Friday, July 13, 2007 from the Cleveland area. Winners, be sure to look out for your books in the mail.

The winner of the IntheMoodIntimates.com $50.00 gift certificate will be announced later this week.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Emanuel Carpenter’s Adventures in Writing –Summer ’07 Edition

Free Copies of Where is the Love Available
Thanks to everyone for supporting me and my debut novel “Where is the Love.” Because of your support the novel recently won an award from Infini Promoters, received great reviews from places like Rolling Out Urban Weekly and Rawsistaz.com, and reached the top 1500 on BarnesandNoble.com. To celebrate, I’m giving away ten copies of the novel to the first ten people who send me their shipping address to emanuelcarpenter@yahoo.com with the subject line “Where is the Love Free.” The first ten people to respond will receive a signed book. Good luck! The winners’ names will be posted on this blog .
Win a $50.00 Gift Certificate from www.IntheMoodIntimates.com
Wanna win a $50.00 gift certificate for sexy women’s apparel? Simply answer this question about “Where is the Love?” to win:
What is the name of the woman the main character makes love to without even knowing how to speak her language?
The first person to send me an e-mail to emanuelcarpenter@yahoo.com with the correct answer and their mailing address with the subject line: IntheMoodIntimates.com will win. Good luck!
Independent Book Reviews Are Back
Back by popular demand, I will be offering my independent book review service. For the small fee of $75.00, I will read and provide an honest review of your book then submit it to the Midwest Book Review, Rock Publications, and BarnesandNoble.com for publication. Why pay for my book review service? This resource is much less expensive than Kirkus ‘similar service and provides great exposure for your title at an affordable price. No electronic books, poetry books, or books without an ISBN number will be accepted. Please inquire by e-mail to emanuelcarpenter@yahoo.com before shipping any books or payments.
Dead Guys Don’t Buy Doing Well
Thank you for your early support of my first serious business title, “Dead Guys Don’t Buy: A Winner’s Guide to Cold Calling LIVE Prospects Successfully.” The book continues to do very well on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com. If you know someone in sales or fundraising looking to master the art of cold calling, be sure to tell ‘em about this informative book. It also makes a great book for authors looking to sell books to the library and bookstore markets. And remember, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Cleveland Scholarships Programs Inc. to help student prepare and pay for college. To learn more about cold calling techniques, be sure to visit my popular blog at coldcallingnow.blogspot.com .
That’s it for this edition of Emanuel Carpenter’s Adventures in Writing. Have a great summer, and be sure to look for my next newsletter in the fall.

Take care,

Emanuel Carpenter

Friday, June 15, 2007

Where is the Love Wins Infini Promoters Award!

Hello Blog Readers:

I've been so busy running my new business, blogging and promoting my first serious business book "Dead Guys Don't Buy" that I forgot to tell you my novel "Where is the Love" won the 2006 Infini Promoters Award for Best Humor-Related Novel last month.

To celebrate, I'm offering the novel for only $8.00 with free shipping. Get one for yourself or for a friend who you think would enjoy this tale about a bitter man who reminisces about his failed relationships while his wife packs to leave him. Supplies are limited and will be sold on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to take advantage of this savings of nearly $15.00. To securely purchase your copy, please visit the following page:


Thanks to all of you who voted for my book and supported me throughout the years.

Warm regards,

Emanuel Carpenter

Saturday, May 19, 2007

REVIEW-Psychologically Unemployable by Jeffery Combs

Psychologically Unemployable
Jeffery Combs
More Heart Than Talent Publishing, Inc.
6507 Pacific Avenue, Suite 329
Stockton, CA 95207
ISBN # 0974092428, pp. 205, $17.95

I’ve never been a big fan of motivational speakers or the books that they’ve written. To me they all seemed to offer the same nonspecific advice, be positive, get rid of the negative people in your life, yada yada yada. That all changed when I read the very encouraging new book “Psychologically Unemployable” by California-based motivational speaker Jeffery Combs.

“Psychologically Unemployable” was written for those with an entrepreneurial spirit, including the recently laid off, the frustrated salaried worker, and the new business owner. It begins with the describing the profile of an entrepreneur, advising on how to deal with limiting beliefs, and helping readers decide what they want to be when they grow up. And in the spirit of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People,” and “What Should I Do With My Life,” Combs gives life-changing advice on becoming your own boss and a better person in life. For example, regarding how to become rich and thriving, Combs says:

Most people think that if they work harder and for a longer period of time, they will eventually have success. To become wealthy and successful, you’ll soon discover that hard work isn’t the answer. You don’t get paid for time when you’re self-employed, as I am. You get paid for how valuable you become. Trading time and working hard for dollars usually gets you broke.

There are many more quotable passages in “Psychologically Employable” that prove how valuable Comb’s book can be for those looking to make a positive effect on their lives outside of the traditional nine-to-five gig. While the book could use the touch of an editor and a better graphic designer, the message is not lost, and the author is one to watch for the next big name in positive motivation.

Highly Recommended

Saturday, February 03, 2007

REVIEW: Caught in the Middle by Steve J. King

Caught in the Middle
Steve J. King
Higher Power Publishing
629 E. 130 Frwy, Suite 208
Garland, TX 75043
ISBN # 0978763122, 336 pp., $15.95

In “Caught in the Middle” by Steve J. King (no, not that horror writer guy), a case of mistaken identity catapults the life of a disabled truck driver out of control. Not only does the street-savvy Stoney Ramon fit the description of a man accused of armed robbery but his best friend Avery Jackson just happens to be the guy to pick up the bag full of stolen money. And that’s just the beginning...

While in prison, Stoney befriends Jose, a Hispanic man with connections and Shorty a hot-tempered black man whose long-term sentence gives him the ultimate power. Though his best friend offers him a role as a partner in his new detailing business, it’s the relationship with Jose and his subsequent job offer as a strong arm that gets him involved in the seedy world of crime, drugs, and ultimately, murder.

“Caught in the Middle” is a fast-paced, high-octane thrill ride with old school flavor. Steve J. King (Blood Brothers) does an excellent job in creating a strong protagonist and a cast of supporting players the readers will easily identify with and love. Though it seems like the book’s editor fell asleep at the wheel and never woke up, it’s King’s style and Stoney’s strength that will cause readers to stand up and take notice regardless. With a proper professional re-edit, it’s easy to predict this novel as a future bestseller right up there with books written by folks like Relentless Aaron, Vickie Stringer and Teri Woods. Street lit authors beware. There’s a new man in town with a pen on fire, and his name is Steve J. King!


Thursday, February 01, 2007

SHORT STORY (Flash Fiction): Drastic

Emanuel Carpenter

What if I’m dying? What if I’m dying right now? Maybe some wily cancerous cell cleverly hid itself in a crevice of my body where X-rays couldn’t find it. Perhaps the reckless and careless life I lived in my younger, more ignorant years has caught up with me and the HIV test will read positive this time. Or maybe some Scud missile has my name on it or some drunken driver is just waiting for me to jump in my car, jump on I-90 only to zero in on my existence. Is this what life is all about, the end part?

I don’t want to die.

I don’t want to die now, 20 years from now, or even 40 years from now. People have told me death is what makes life worth living. They say if we didn’t know death was certain, we wouldn’t work so hard at making every day count. We wouldn’t go to college to get a good education to make a six-figure salary to buy all those glorious things we want like gas guzzling Hummers and blood diamonds. Probably wouldn’t put our best feet forward, treat people with kindness or at least not try to do them bodily harm. It’s too bad we can do all this, and still we die.

Because we die I’ve decided to do something people may consider drastic. I’m leaving this hellhole of a city, quitting my slave-driven job, leaving my nagging wife, those rotten kids and moving to Florida. Life is too short to be miserable. I want lay in the warm sun, feel the sand crunch between my toes, and just sit and marvel at the ocean’s vastness every day. I want to taste the cuisine of 365 restaurants a year instead of worrying about what burnt concoction I’m putting in my body. I want to go to clubs and bars again, go to dinner parties, stay up late, have a little drink without that woman judging me with her narrowed eyes. And I want to do that right now.

My clothes are packed in the trunk of the Ford, and the needle’s on F. My savings have been withdrawn. Cashed out the 401K. Wrote the goodbye note. I’m even leaving a good chunk of the money I earned for that woman and those spoiled brats. This is it. Florida I’m coming to join ya honey. Unless, of course, some drunken driver or a Scud is waiting for me in my Ford to hit I-90 just to zero in on my life. I guess it’s a chance I have to take.

© Copyright 2007 by Emanuel Carpenter. All rights reserved.